Energy Minister To Tackle Power Supply In The Dries


By MoE Communication Unit

Speaking to Journalists at the weekend who were eager to know what difference the Minister of Energy can make in terms of addressing interrupted electricity supply in the city during the dry season this year, Minister Alhaji Kanja Sesay told them that the dry season problem in terms of electricity supply in the city is well understood and his team in the Ministry has carved the way out to salvage the ugly situation of the past.

He gave a flashback on Bumbuna hydropower which is seasonal as it goes down from about 50 MW to 8 MW in the dry season and the huge expenditure in running the thermals in Freetown. He went on to say that the situation was also backed by Independent Power Purchase Companies which aim at higher tariff for the people. In all this, the Minister said, his team has decided to find the best options – These include first, the renegotiation of the Karpower Ship which has about 100 MW and cannot supply it all in Freetown because of the poor Network system. Had it not been this poor Network system, the ship would supply the whole of the Western Area which the Minister said would just take about 50 Mw.

The Minister continued, a second power ship has been hired to supply power to the eastern part  of Freetown just like the first Karpower Ship is doing in the west of Freetown. It is expected that when the network system is improved in Freetown, the second ship would be returned leaving first Karpower to continue. The Minister stressed that the second ship would soon berth in Sierra Leone to serve not only the homes but the factories in the east of Freetown.

On the tariff or payment rate, the Minister explained that the second ship is in fact cheaper than the current one serving the west part of Freetown adding that the reduced difference has saved about  18 million US Dollars (16.4 – 15.4) for government.

Minister Kanja Sesay concluded that the 30 MW second ship for the east of Freetown will certainly give way for the first Karpower ship to expand to all areas in the Western Area no sooner the network system in Freetown is improved.