Dozens Set For Deportation From Europe


The threat of deportation hangs over the heads of dozens of illegal immigrants from Sierra Leone residing in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy.

Governments of the above European countries are reported to have communicated to the Government of Sierra Leone that its citizens bearing Sierra Leone passport but not legally documented to stay are not wanted and must leave.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation official attached to the Europe Desk refused to confirm the report. The official however explained that foreign nationals living in other countries can be deported for a number of reasons.

The official spoke of those who applied for a Schengel visa to visit Germany and whilst in that country, they head to France, adding that if French immigration officials discovered such persons, they would be liable to deportation. Others, the official said, seek for asylum status and if their applications are turned down, they would also be liable to deportation.

In The Netherlands where the Sierra Leone Government sent a delegation to verify the status of the Sierra Leoneans residing there facing deportation, those affected said they would mount a demonstration against their deportation.

Expressing deep frustrations, many of them said that deporting them would be unfair as they have lived in Holland for many years and established themselves there. If they are deported, they said, they would return home with nothing and would find it extremely difficult to start life again.

Others said they would not fathom the crisis in their lives that deportation would cause them as they are breadwinners for their families back home as a result of the incomes they earn in Europe. Deporting them would aggravate poverty and suffering for many of their relatives at home.

According to reports, there are many facing deportation bearing Sierra Leone passports that are not Sierra Leoneans.

It could be recalled that in 2017, the American Government threatened to place a ban on government officials travelling to the United States of America (USA) if Sierra Leone did not agree to receive its citizens that were no longer welcomed in the USA.