‘Dorti Wahala…’ Masada ‘Baranta’

Masada Waste Management Company on Monday 3rd April, 2017 withheld its services in the entire capital due to lack of payment from the Freetown City Council (FCC).

According to its press release, the company expresses regret to the public for withholding its services of collecting, transporting and disposing waste from the various transit points across the Freetown municipality because the FCC has not paid the company for the last eight months.
The release added that the company has been very patient and committed to providing waste management service to the people of Freetown in the hope that the FCC would meet its financial obligation.

“After several engagements with the management of FCC proved to be futile, coupled with workers going on strike due to unpaid salaries for the past two months and the high running costs the company is incurring to sanitize and maintain transit points, the company was forced to take this action,” the release stated.
It averred that the company will only resume operations when it receives full payment from the FCC for its services rendered to the Municipality, while it advised the public “to find means of managing their waste until the issue is amicably resolved” and “expressed regrets for any inconvenience this action may have on the general public.”
The release however made it crystal clear that “all paid up customers are hereby informed that this action does not affect them. Masada will ensure that they duly receive their regular service.”

Responding to the press release issued by Masada Waste Management Company, the FCC Head of Environment and Sanitation, Sulaiman Zainu Parker alleged that the company has over the years been collecting more money than the services provided in terms of waste collection.

He disclosed that according to the agreement and contract for the cleaning of the Freetown Municipality signed by the Ministry of Local Government and Masada in 2013, the latter was to receive Le200 million monthly for the cleaning of 43 transit points. Mr. Parker alleged that over the years the company has not lived up to its task, adding that Masada has not been cleaning all the 43 transit points.

“Masada had always cleaned less than the 43 points stated in the contract but had always collected the Le200 million,” the FCC Environmentalist charged. He also alleged that Masada inherited almost all the assets of the former Waste Management Company with agreement to pay for them which he said the company has not fulfilled after using the assets for three years.

According to Mr. Parker, Masada won the contract based on their proposal that they would convert the waste ethanol in 3 years which in turn would help reduce the cost of waste collection on government.

The FCC, he stressed, will not continue to pay such a huge amount for 16 to 20 transit points instead of 43 according to the agreed contract, adding that the Council was always committed to their own side of the contract by paying the Le200 million every month totaling Le2.4 billion annually.

The National Project Manager of Masada, Amie Dumbuya alleged that when they commenced their operation in the Municipality, they discovered that there were more than 43 transit points, noting that there were series of illegal transit points.

She confirmed that they have gone eight months without pay and that the FCC owed them Le1.6 billion, adding that they will continue downing tools until the Council settles the debt.