Disaster In Kenema


Hundreds, if not thousands of residents in the eastern headquarter city of Kenema and its environs to as far as Largo Jasawabu Town some 14 miles from  Kenema along the Kenema-Tongo Fields highway had their houses flooded following a heavy downpour on Friday 5th October, 2018.

In Kenema city, low-lying marshy areas such as Lambayama, Kpaytaywoma, Blama Road and Kombema were reported to be badly affected.

Eye-witnesses reported seeing livestock and properties floating on the water as it drifted them to unknown destination. Gallant youths were also seen ferrying people from the flooded areas to higher grounds.

Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Kallon, who was in the city for Saturday’s national cleaning exercise, commented that the cause of the flooding was people building their houses on swampy grounds. He cautioned that people must know where to build their houses.

The chief of Nyandema Section said that such flooding takes place annually during the months of August, September and October. He added that he has discussed the problem with City Council authorities.

Moses Luseni, a resident who confirmed that he lived close to a swamp in the Lambayama Section confirmed that flood seasonally affects them. So too did one Madam Amara and Councilor Benedict Amara; adding that this year’s flooding was unprecedented. He stated that only the technical experts know how to solve the problem.

Mayor Thomas Bayoh lamented that the situation was disheartening even though no life was lost. He spoke of people been trapped in their houses and e called for government assistance. The problem, he said, was due to clogged waterways and people building and blocking the natural passage of water.