Deadline March 31st… NCRA Throws Bombshell


The Ministry of Finance is reportedly pleased with the Director General of the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mr. Mohamed Bashirr Massaquoi for what it considers as a job well done over the assignment given to the Authority in August 2018 to do a thorough verification and registration of all public sector workers on the government payroll.

The purpose of the exercise was to scrub the government payroll with a view to have a proper budget control and prudent public financial management resulting in savings that will allow for expenditure on other financial needs of the government.

The forensic biometric nationwide registration and verification exercise unearthed that 157 workers in the political class, 643 civil servants, 1, 290 teachers, 353 military personnel, 481 police officers, 41 correctional service personnel, 1 National Fire Force worker and 102 subvented agencies workers did not show up during the month long exercise.

The Ministry of Finance has now given a generous grace period of March 31st 2019 for those public officers on the payroll managed by the Accountant General’s Department and the Human Resources Management Office (HRMO) and other employing agencies to be verified – failure which, their names will be expunged from the payroll with immediate effect with no guarantee of been included thereafter. The directive is signed by the Financial Secretary, Sahr Lamin Jusu.