CSO Blasts SLPP Gov’t


In rating the Bio led administration for 100 days in office, Mr. Thomas Moore of the Citizen Advocacy Network (CAN) has called for strengthening of the country’s economy, ensure inclusion and adhere to the dictates of the national constitution and democratic principles in running the country forward.

According to the Citizen Advocacy Network, the SLPP has failed in meeting its 100 days promise to the people; citing the alarming devaluation of the Leone against the United States Dollar and other foreign currencies which, he said, has led to price hike in not only imported goods but local products as well as increase the cost of living for ordinary man.

He continued that in the SLPP 100 days there has been rampant misuse and violation of the constitution, citing the election of the Speaker of Parliament, removal of public servants from offices, among others.

“Civil servants are having sleepless nights because they are not certain as to whether or not the following day will meet them in their positions,” said Mr. Moore.

He accused the SLPP of a calculated ploy to divert the public attention from their failed 100 days by popularizing the Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report and the Commission of Inquiry. Politics, he said, is over and public expectations high. He therefore urged the SLPP led government to focus on delivering on its policies, instead of going after former government officials.