Commission Of Inquiry, August 23rd


Bar any objections from Members of Parliament within the twenty-one days that it should be laid in Parliament, the Commission of Inquiry approved by executive proclamation of His Excellency President Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio dated 1st August, 2018 will begin work on the 22nd of August, 2018.

On Thursday 2nd August, 2018, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dr. Priscilla Schwarz tabled the Notice before Parliament for legislative approval, as par constitutional requirement.  The proposed Commission of Inquiry already has an appointed judge in the person of Nigerian Justice Biobele Georgewill. Mr. Digger Macfoy shall be the Secretary to the Commission.

The Commission’s Terms Of Reference (TOR), among other things, are as follows:

Examine the assets and other related matters in respect of persons that were President, Vice President, Ministers, Ministers of State, Deputy Ministers, heads and Chairmen of parastals, departments and agencies between the period November 2007 to April 2018.

Inquire into and investigate whether assets of previous officials were acquired lawfully or unlawfully, as well as investigate those officials maintained a standard of life above that commensurate with their official earnings.

Investigate whether those public officials own are in control of pecuniary or property disproportionate to their official emoluments or establish whether there was corruption, dishonesty or abuse of office for private benefits.

Investigate whether public officials acted willfully or complacently in such a manner to cause financial loss or damage to the government, local authority or parastatals including public corporations, statutory corporation body or university in Sierra Leone.

Except for security or public safety, the sittings of the Commission shall be open to the public. It shall have the powers to summon witnesses at home and abroad and to compel documents to be provided.