Commission Of Inquiry… APC, SLPP In Trouble


The Krios have a saying that if you tie a rope to a bush, the rope will draw the bush to town.

Reports are that many APC and SLPP functionaries who served in the former Ernest Bai Koroma led All People’s Congress (APC) government are jittery and having sleepless nights over the pending Commission of Inquiry that is expected to start anytime from now.

The Commission of Inquiry to be headed by a Nigerian Judge, Justice Goodwill, will anytime from now sit to investigate the conduct of former officials of the Ernest Bai Koroma Government within the period November 2007 and April 30th 2018.

The Commission has been the subject of intense public debate since the Governance Transition Team (GTT) headed by Chief Minister, Professor David Francis delivered its Report.

Among nine key recommendations made, the GTT asked the President and his government to authorize the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry alongside a forensic audit by the Auditor General of government finances during the period of the former government.

It could be recalled that the National Secretary General of the main opposition APC party, Amb. Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh had called a press conference at the party’s headquarters to denounce the intended Commission as a witch-hunt against former government functionaries.

He maintained that the process of picking names to be investigated by the Commission was selective, stating that the names of certain known members and supporters of the now ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party that played key roles in the APC government were willfully excluded from the list. Speaking to several APC officials who prefer anonymity, they stated that if the SLPP thinks that the palm oil which their government wants to spill will only soil the clothes of only APC functionaries in the former government, they are mistaking.

“Our government was inclusive of people that we know were SLPP members and supporters,” an aide to the APC National Publicity Secretary told this press. “In fact, in most of the cases of alleged financial misappropriation by our former government, their (SLPP) bosses signed the documents. So, we want to see how the SLPP government will investigate APC functionaries in the former government without the rope drawing the bush,” he added.

After the bill establishing the said Commission was drafted by the Government, it was first published in the Government Gazette, after which it was laid before the House of Parliament by the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice on the 2nd of August, 2018, after having matured for the 21 days required before being passed into law; the Commission would begin work anytime from now.

However, APC have raised strong objection to the Speaker of Parliament denying august body the opportunity to debate the two instruments setting up the Commission.