Clerk Of Parliament Speaks


The Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Umaru Paran Tarawally has said that the reason why the 68 All People’s Congress (APC) Members of Parliament did not fully participate in the past two sittings in Parliament was because they were not part of the Parliamentary Committee on Appointment.

He said now that all of them have been placed into Parliamentary Committees, they can now fully participate in all proceedings.

It could be recalled that, during the first set of parliamentary approval of ten nominees by President Bio, the APC MPs silently sat in their seats without making any contributions towards the nominees’ approval despite the fact that the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu gave them the opportunity to contribute to the proceeding.

The then APC Acting Leader, Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo only told the Well of Parliament that they were preparing themselves for future debates.