Civil Servants Worried


By Ibrahim Sahid Kamara

Civil Servants across the country are reportedly  worried following  a memo issued out last week by the Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Civil Service instructing all Grade-7 public servants to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and photocopies of relevant certificates, diplomas and degree to the Director General of the Human Resource Management office for inspection.

Majority of civil servants this medium spoke to said they cannot trace the whereabouts of their documents. Some of them claimed that their documents had gone missing whilst others said that theirs had not been in proper conditions and could not have them fixed for inspection. Others said their documents were burnt in their houses during the rebel war.

Majority of them are reportedly pleading with the government to pardon them as they have been in the civil service for too long and have gained wealth of experience over the years. They said removing them at this critical time when the country’s economy is nothing good to write home about will be disastrous to them.