Churches, Mosques Banned

With the Government taking a robust proactive preventive approach towards the threat of the coronavirus that has engulfed over 100 countries the world over, the Ministry of Social Welfare has strongly authorized that with immediate effect, all public prayers with special reference to Sunday Christian services, Friday Juma prayers and Saturday Seventh Day Adventist prayers be suspenfed until further notice.

The Ministry stated that it was fully aware of the importance of communual worship in the expression of faith, but said such interactive activity can only be shared under a normal, conducive and safe atmosophe thus solicits the adherence by all religious bodies to this directive as a practical manifestation of commitment to complement Government’s ongoing efforts to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus in Sierra Leone.

The Ministry of Social Welfare edict follows the State House release on Monday 16th  March, 2020 restricting public gatherings to not more than 100 persons that was further supplemented by the President’s national broadcast on 18th March,  2020 on enhanced public health and safety measures to prevent COVID-19 from ravaging our country.