Chinese Ambassador Assures Salone


 By Thomas S. Kembay

The new Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Hu Zhangliang has upon assuming offices stated that the bilateral cooperation between China and Sierra Leone has greatly benefited the two countries.

He extended greetings to the President and people of Sierra Leone from the President of the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency Xi Jinping.

The two countries, he continued, have over the years, enjoyed what he referred to as “deep traditional friendship” which, he said, has spanned for over 48 years with exchanges, deep political mutual trust and fruitful cooperation in economic, social and cultural fields.

China, he furthered, was among the first to offer help to Sierra Leone in 2014 when the Ebola outbreak hit the country. That assistance, he said, demonstrated the true spirit of friendship. He also recalled that in 2016 China and Sierra Leone took the bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

“The Chinese people will never forget that it was Sierra Leone and other friendly countries that helped China resume its legitimate seat in the United Nations in 1971,” The Ambassador reiterated, noting that China and Sierra Leone are true friends with utmost respect that has sustained through thick and thin.

2018, he said, was a vital year in the development of Sino-Sierra Leone relationship pointing out that in August and early September 2018, President Bio upon invitation, paid a state visit to China and attended the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) – the Beijing Summit. President Xi and Bio, he said, held friendly and fruitful talks and reached important consensus on major bilateral issues which provided political guidance and set out the blueprint for the development of the China-Sierra Leone relations.

The two heads of States, he said, also signed important cooperation documents including an MOU on the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative laying a solid foundation for the broadening and deepening of cooperation in the future.

He expressed happiness to have been assigned to Sierra Leone at this important period of the two countries’ development trajectory and promised to work with colleagues at the Embassy and friends from all walks of life in Sierra Leone to make new progress in China-Sierra Leone friendly cooperation and produce more benefits to the two countries.

He categorised his tasks on three priority areas, including continuously enhancing the sincere friendship and political mutual trust between the two sides to make the foundation of the bilateral cooperation rock-solid as ever; secondly, jointly implement the outcome of the 2018 Beijing FOCAC Summit to bring more benefit to the two sides and lastly to promote the building of the Belt and Road initiative – build an ever stronger China–Africa Community with a share future for humanity.