China Nicky To Tour Europe & America


Wonders never end. Mortal being is not God. Man proposes; God disposes. Only God knows the fool. Whatever will be; will be. God’s time is the best.

One month ago, outside of her circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances, nobody knew the name Haja Mariama Kamara aka China Nicky. But by the grace of God Almighty, today at home and abroad, more than 8 million people have seen China Nicky, courtesy of the Big Sister – Salone reality TV show.

As many more who have not seen her, have heard the name China Nicky. This simply proves that when God Almighty says yes, no one can say know. It also shows that we are all creatures of destiny; be it for better or for worse.

Defying all the odds stacked against her by a world that is not sympathetic and kind to those who are unfortunate to be born without a silver spoon in their mouth, China Nicky has, like Mariatu Kargbo who has carved a glorious name for herself in China, proved that through sheer determination, hard work, faith and luck, one can be what one dreams of becoming.

On Tuesday, China Nicky Sierra Leonean’s latest cultural heroine was at the Immigration Department to take her first ever passport. News is that the new found comical celebrity has been invited to tour countries in Europe and the United States of America.

What is it in China Nicky that made her win so many hearts and minds in such a short space of time?

Everybody say that displaying self-esteem and confidence, she came across on the Big Sister show as natural, determined, focused and unfazed. These are admirable attributes that come naturally that cannot be faked or forced.

Her story is the classical stuff Hollywood script writers look for. Born poor, parents died at an early age; dropped out of school to start fending at an early age. Having few people that she could turn to for help or depend on for survival, she had to depend on her wits and ability to make friends. It is a story that easily wins hearts.

There has been a heated debate over her semi-literacy. Some have argued that her winning the Big Sister contest glorifies illiteracy, and that it would discourage more educated girls from opting to take part in future editions of the show. The jury is still out on this highly contentious debate.

What however many people agree on is that, whatever one is destined for will surely come to pass. China Nicky could not afford the Le100, 000 to purchase an entry form. By stroke of fate, her good friend Ejatu provided the money. The rest is now history.

What this shows is that one should never lose faith. Believe in yourself and believe in the goodness of others. Be humble, be God-fearing, be honest in your dealings. Hold on to your dream. Pursue it with honest, hard work, determination and faith that God Almighty can make the impossible possible and that He is always a miracle worker. He will do the rest for you.

China Nicky by believing in herself and going out to get what she believed could be hers now has the whole world at her feet. She can now achieve her dream of empowering herself intellectually and career wise.

She is advised to be cautious in her dealings because when one becomes famous, a lot of sycophants, hangers-on and leeches will try to fasten on you in order to bleed you poor.

Our advice is: stay with Zainab and Junior Navo. They are kind hearted humanitarians who will ensure that you profit in diverse ways from what you have.

Rashul Gang o yeay!!!

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Dr. Memunatu Pratt has chosen China Nicky as Ambassador for this year’s ECOFEST.