Chief Justice Cautions Lawyers


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Chief Justice, Hon. Desmond Babatunde Edwards has during a courtesy call by the executive members of the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) cautioned lawyers through a Memorandum of Understanding that all courts in the country must sit at exactly 9:00am from Mondays to Fridays including Saturdays as and when necessary. He also instructed all judges and magistrates to strike out any case before them in which lawyers and litigants are denying cooperation with them.

The Honourable Chief Justice made these statements in his chambers at the Law Court Building on Pademba Road while addressing the association’s executive on 10th January 2019.

The President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Basita Michael Esq. (Mrs.) said the importance of their visit was to facilitate the Chief Justice on his recent appointment and approval as Chief Justice of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

She said the Bar Association is willing and ready to effectively work with the Judiciary in making sure that expeditious trials and other pending issues are addressed to ensure effective justice delivery.

She called on the Chief Justice to restore public trust in the judiciary and to also make sure that the newly popularized and approved Bail Registration is enforced to the fullest.

The Vice President of the Bar Association promised that the association will cooperate fully with the judiciary of Sierra Leone and give their fullest support.

He also asked the Chief Justice to institute the senior advocate committee as stated in the legal practitioners Act 2000, citing that that it is in other jurisdiction in the sub-region.

In his response, the Chief Justice said efficient trials can be achieved when the defence and prosecution counsels together with litigants effectively and faithfully work with the Judiciary to secure conviction or otherwise.