CGG On Consultative Meetings


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) has recently embarked on consultative meetings with stakeholders in various Constituencies to update them on development initiative of the Members of Parliament.

According to the Programme Officer of CGG, Amasarah Jalloh, their first consultative meeting took place at Constituency 132 with one of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) MP, Ibrahim Tawa Conteh. He said they met with senior stakeholders at the Thamaya Community where they have face-to-face talks with them.

He said one of the concerns raised by the people is that they lack market centre and they have to tread long distances to buy food stuffs.

They also called on their member of parliament to lobby on the behalf for a health centre and Government School in the Constituency.

Honourable Ibrahim Tawa Conteh assured the stakeholders and people in his community that he intends to construct a bridge that links the two main communities.