• Commission Of Inquiry… APC Loses First Battle


    Counsels representing two persons of interest to Commissions of Inquiry No. 64, Alfred Palo Conteh, the former Minister of Defense in the erstwhile President Koroma led All People’s Congress (APC) led government and Madinatu Rahman, former …

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    Bio Angry


    Reports reaching The Exclusive from within the corridors of State House disclosed that His Excellency President Bio left Sierra Leone for a two-day visit to The Gambia a visibly angry man.

    The source intimated that the President’s embittered mood was not unconnected with widespread reports in the media about an unhealthy squabbling atmosphere in the Sierra Leone People’s Party between supporters of the current Chairman and Leader, Dr. Prince Alex Harding and the National Organizing …

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    Imam Preaches On Justice


     By Alhaji Mansaray

    Chief Imam of Masjid Salaam at Brookfields, Sheik Alhaji Ahmad Bah says justice is something to be displayed everywhere in life.

    Delivering his sermon last Friday at the above mosque, Sheik Alhaji Ahmad Bah added that justice is the fair treatment of people, adding that everyone should be given the right he or she deserves and that anyone who deprives another person of his or her right must be punished.

    Quoting potions of the Holy Quran, Sheik Bah said, All…

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    New Christian Group In Town

    By Ayodele Deen Cole

    A new Christian group, Isreal United In Christ (IUIC) is now operational in Sierra Leone. The group was founded in Isreal in 2003 and propagates the message in the Holy Bible from the black consciousness perspective. Speaking at a press conference held recently at Home Suite hotel, the leader of the group, Bishop Nathaniel Israel gave series of biblical messages and verses to justify that Jesus was a black man and also the issue of race and color in the Holy Bible.


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    Kambia Bye-Election Date Out


    By Thomas S. Kembay

    The Director of External Outreach Coordinator at the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Mohamed Massaquoi has disclosed that the Local Council re-run bye-election in Ward 196, Constituency 58, Tonko Limba Chiefdom, Kambia District has been slated for Saturday, the 9th of March, 2019.

    According to Mr. Massaquoi, the Commission discovered that the initial date slated for the re-run of the bye-election fell on a cleaning day which was the 2nd March, 2019. He sa…

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    Over The Death Of 1 Year Old Boy… Foreign Doctor In Trouble


    By Ayodele Deen Cole

    Hon. Hindolo Moiwo Geavao, lawyer representing the family of a deceased toddler, Raja, a Lebanese national has called on the Sierra Leone Police force to mount a full investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of the poor child.

    The report was filed few weeks ago by one Ashraf Akkad against a private foreign medical practitioner operating in the country by the name of Dr. Shuman.

    Speaking at a press conference held at his Old Railway Line o…

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    COI Summons SLCB GM


    The Chief Risk Officer at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Abdul Raheem Mujtaba has in his testimony at the Commission No.1 presided over by Justice Biobele Georgewill disclosed that the bank waived off more than 7 billion of the 9 billion Leones loans it gave out to politically exposed persons.

    According to him the decision was in line with the bank’s directives which categorized unpaid loans after 12 months as loss and waived it off after 24 months.  Mr. Mujtaba was going through…

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    Ahead Of September 17 Convention… Power Struggle Hits SLPP


    Ahead of the party’s biannual national delegates conference which elects new national executive officers, internal strife resulting from a struggle for leadership is reported to have hit the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLLP).


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    SLPP Chairman Spits Fire


    By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

    The National Executive Chairman of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Dr. Prince Harding has said in Freetown that the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) is disseminating hate messages to certain youths of the ruling party to distract their attention ahead of the 2023 elections which, he said, the party is fully prepared for.

    Dr. Prince Harding disclosed that he has an enviable record in Africa politics, citing the fact that as the party…

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    ‘Everybody Is Innocent’ -Justice Biobele


    The ongoing commissions of inquiry resumed sittings yesterday after the weekend recess. Before he adjourned, Nigerian Judge, Justice Biobele Georgewill warned journalists to stop writing ill about anybody having been indicted by his commission.

    Stating that until the commissions arrive at their conclusions after carefully listening to the evidences that will be produced, nobody is guilty, he prayed that all those affected by the terms of reference of this inquiry will endeavor to at…

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    After 25 Years… Salone Honours ILO Financial Obligation


    By Thomas S. Kembay

    The information officer at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Lansana Baryoh has disclosed that the Government of Sierra Leone has recently paid its outstanding financial contribution to the Internal Labour Organisation (ILO) after 25 years of non-compliance.

    For such development, he said, ILO Regional Director of Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone and other ECOWAS countries, Mr. Dennis Zulu lauded the government of Sierra Leone, adding that the governme…

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    800 Debtors At SLCB, RCB


    Officials of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) and Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB), the two state-owned financial institutions that nearly became bankrupt because of a mountain of unpaid debts, have confided in this medium that the list of debtors presented to Commission No. 1 was just a tip of the iceberg.

    With officials of RCB yet to furnish the commission with their own list of politically exposed persons that took out unsecured loans they have so far failed to repay, SLCB offi…

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    Commissions Of Inquiry Resume Today


    The Commissions of Inquiry set up by the Bio administration to look into the activities of former government officials including erstwhile President Ernest Bai Koroma, sacked Vice President Samuel Sam Sumana, Vice President Victor Foh, Ministers and Deputies, and both past and current public officials continue today.

    On the last day of sitting last week at Commission No. 1, presiding Commissioner Justice Biobele Georgewill ruled that the Commission (as established by an Act of Parli…

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    No Assets Declaration For Junior Workers -ACC Boss Declares


    By Ayodele Deen-Cole

    As a way of reducing the heavy work load and number of people declaring their assets to the state, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala Esq. whilst launching of a latest report on corruption and the Commission of Inquiry said the Commission has stopped the asset declaration exercise for junior workers within the Civil Service and also for those serving in security apparatus.

    According to the ACC Boss, only intermediate a…

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    Over Issue of Jurisdiction… Defense Counsels Overruled


    Commission No. 1 presided by Justice Biobele Georgewill yesterday ruled that the Commission was legal and would proceed with its hearings.

    Justice Biobele Georgewill made the ruling after he has heard arguments from both Defense Counsel Ady Macauley and State Counsel Robin Mason on the jurisdiction of the Commission to sit. The Nigerian Judge adjourned sitting for an hour after the ruling.

    It could be recalled that this is the second time the same ruling has been made on the ques…

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