Caritas Boosts Free Education


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Executive Director of Caritas, Father Peter Conteh has recently commissioned the St Francis School at Newton, on the outskirts of the capital, built by the Development Wing of the Catholic Mission.

Commissioning the school, The Executive Director of Caritas, Father Peter Conteh stated that education is one of the major pillars of the Catholic Mission which is a source of empowerment, adding that the Mission responses to the emergency needs of helpless people.

The school, Father Conteh said, was built through a fundraising by Kindermission from Germany; a donor partner of the Catholic Mission.

The school, Rev. Father Conteh disclosed, is under the Catholic Mission and currently awaiting accreditation for approval by government.

He said it is the responsibility of government to provide education for its citizens and that it is in this direction that they complement government’s effort by constructing a new building.

Rev. Father Conteh furthered that Caritas has also built a clinic at Newton community for the amputees because there was no better health service for them.