Car Thieves In Town

By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

Sources reaching The Exclusive intimate that there is an alarming increase of car theft in the Western Area, particularly along Aberdeen and Lumley communities.

According to sources, the new modus operandi for stealing cars parked along the waysides is operated by some recently deported Sierra Leoneans from the United States of America for various similar offences.

The report disclosed the said deportees observe the movement of vehicle owners as they park their cars to buy or do something and after some hours, they will approach the vehicles open the door with a special key and drive off to unidentified destinations, adding that the thieves operate with some other local thieves in town.

Sources have that at the weekend, they go to restaurants and bars and observe the people’s movement and steal their vehicles if they found out that they are concentrating on something else.

The vehicle of a worker at the Bank of Sierra Leone was reportedly stolen by the said thieves at the newly opened Toma Resort at Aberdeen and also recently, a Chartered Accountant’s jeep reportedly went missing at the same time.

Reports have it that the said deportee thieves are working with one of Sierra Leone’s popular musical artist who was also reportedly deported from the United States of American (USA).