Call For APC Scribe To Resign …Ambassador Foday Yansaneh Replies


Free expression of opinions, ideas and concerns is the hallmark of any democratic institution. In which vein, a member of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Bockarie Kukuka Musa has in a letter dated 2nd July, 2018 to the APC National Chairman and Leader, former President Ernest Bai Koroma called for the immediate resignation of their National Secretary General, Ambassador Alhaji Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh.

Among other things, Bockarie K. Musa, who is communications and media consultant, as well as member of the APC media team and its ICT technical team, accused Alhaji Osman F. Yansaneh of inefficiency, incompetency, less proficient, and blatant disregard for the late Sorie Sudan Sesay.

Mr. Musa also accused the APC scribe of being indifferent to party supporters who were manhandled, intimidated and even killed in the aftermath of the 31st March, 2018 presidential runoff election and called for a complete financial audit of the party.

He concluded by calling on Alhaji Yansaneh to allow sober-minded, result-oriented stalwarts to serve as Secretary General until the party’s next National Delegates’ Conference.

When The Exclusive contacted Alhaji Yansaneh on Tuesday morning to comment on Mr. Musa’s letter to their National Chairman and Leader, the APC scribe expressed contempt for the author of the letter. He said he would disregard the author in his attempt to cast aspersions on him. Alhaji Yansaneh questioned what Mr. Musa’s contribution to the party has been, stating that he does not even know him.

On the allegations of incompetence and inefficiency, Alhaji Yansaneh explained that if he was guilty of Mr. Musa’s charges, he would not have begun in the party hierarchy as APC Secretary General of the Fourah Bay College (FBC) branch during his student days and went on to become Constituency and District Chairman before he became the National Secretary General twice.

On the issue of financial audit of the party, Alhaji Yansaneh referred Mr. Musa to the party secretariat and the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) where he will find records ascertaining that the party secretariat under his leadership keeps an up-to-date financial account attested to by PPRC.

On the issue of his competence, the APC scribe explained that under his leadership, the party won the majority seats in a four-party Parliament winning 68 seats, adding that the party also won nine of the twenty-one council elections. Even the presidential election, he said, was only narrowly lost.

On the issue of attacks on APC members and supporters after the presidential runoff election, Alhaji Yansaneh said he was the first stalwart to write President Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio complaining of violence and intimidation against their members and supporters. He said his concern culminated in the setting up of a cross-parties’ mediation committee by the President, noting that he represented the APC on the committee which, he said, visited all the hotspots where political violence was reported.

The committee, Alhaji Yansaneh said, did its best to cool down tempers and to bring together political opponents. The committee thereafter prepared a report that was presented to President Bio, he said. The scribe therefore expressed surprise at what Mr. Musa means by saying he did not seek the welfare of offended APC members and supporters as against the systematic approach he took to solve the problem in concert with other national stakeholders.

On the issue of the late Sorie Sudan Sesay, Alhaji Yansaneh said the party was not officially briefed by the family, adding that only one family member unofficially reported Sudan’s death to him and asked the family member to keep him abreast of funeral arrangements.

Alhaji Yansaneh asserted that Sudan was a civil servant and his burial should therefore not be politicized, adding that on the day of his funeral, there was a heavy downpour and that he had the funeral of an APC member in east end Freetown to attend. Notwithstanding, the scribe said, he instructed a stalwart, Kelfala Marah to attend Sudan’s funeral on his and the party’s behalf.

Alhaji Yansaneh concluded that if Mr. Musa really wanted him to reply to his concerns, he should have written the letter to him instead of writing an open letter to their National Chairman and Leader.