Calaba Town Wallows In Blackout -Residents Cry


By Alhaji Mansaray

People of Bottle Field, Mission Road at Calaba Town, are seriously crying for electricity supply after they have gone without power supply following the fusing of their transformer.

According to an elder of the community who is also Chairman of Alie Morray Mosque at Calaba Town, Fadiru M. Dabo, since the removal of the fused  transformer the community people have not seen any indication of a possible replacement. The current situation, he said has discomforted residents of that community. He said anytime there is no power supply thieves take advantage of the situation by attacking unsuspecting people, adding that it also affects school pupils and students.

On his part, one Pastor Jefferey Kamara disclosed that the blackout has affected him and his family a lot, because they depend largely on it  to preserve their food stuff as, according to him, because of their engagements they don’t go to the market on a daily basis. This appalling situation, he said, has cost so much loss as all the food stuff they had procured and preserved have gone bad.

Similar concerns were raised by other residents particularly business people including one Madam Rugiatu Mansaray, a trader.

The people are therefore calling on the government to salvage the situation as soon as possible.