Cabinet Shakeup Imminent

State House sources have intimated The Exclusive that the unceremonious sacking of former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dr. Priscilla Schwarz for what many believed was her botched treason trial of Rtd. Major Palo Conteh which in government circles was seen as a huge embarrassment is precursor of a pending shakeup of the cabinet.

With President Bio having at the start of 2020 told the nation that this is a year of delivery, reports are that from his office, connected to all the Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs), President Bio continuous monitor the performances of his top political appointees to see if they are working towards set organizational targets and objectives.

In February, delivering the opening address during a presidential seminar on ‘consolidating the foundation for service delivery’ that was designed to provide the participants with the necessary political orientation to help them accelerate service delivery and deepen their understanding of management systems, he said his presence was clear manifestation of the important role MDAs play in the achievement of his ‘New Direction’ Agenda to change and transform lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

As such, he reiterated that 2020 is the year of delivery and that there was no more room for excuses for failing to deliver.

“I have declared 2020 as the year of accelerated delivery. I want and I expect results and outcomes from you this year…I expect to see tangible results by the second and third quarters of this year. Simply, no more excuses. We are here to get a clear understanding of my political message to motivate and inspire you to focus on getting tangible results and outcomes that will impact on the lives of the people of Sierra Leone,” Bio said.

He went on, “the people are impatient for results to impact on their daily lives.” As a government, he said, “we must improve on the way we run our institutions.”

Appreciative of those that he knows are performing well in achieving the objectives of the country’s 2019 to 2023 medium term national development plan, addressing parliament when it reopened recently, President Bio singled out several MDAs for commendation; whilst with some others, he was silent.

Notwithstanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President remains determined for things to happen quickly and to ensure that progress is maintained this year and after. As such, reports maintain that after the latest review of the performance of his ministers, Bio would once again recalibrate his cabinet to throw out some deadwoods and bring in fresh players whose energy and commitment to delivery he knows is boundless. Some deputy ministers that are performing very well, sources say, will be considered for elevation.