Cabinet Reshuffle If…


Ministers serving in President Bio’s government have been reminded that what is expected of them all in achieving the aims and objectives of the ‘New Direction’ manifesto is disciplined, committed, transparent, accountable, result-producing leadership in all the MDAs for quality service delivery to the people.

Accordingly, a State House source has told this press that President Bio in signing the performance contract early this year with his ministers impressed on them that there will be no room for slackness, laggardness and mediocre performance by anyone.

“When the first review is done by the Vice President, the Chief Minister, from the information received about their performances from the Minister of Economic Planning and Development who is responsible for collecting data on performance, President Bio will not hesitate to show the exit door to anyone who fails to live up to his expectation,” our source discloses.

The reason why President Bio places great emphasis on the performance contract, our source added, is because he is very mindful of the promises he has made to the people and how it is important that he fulfills them. Knowing that this crucially depends on the work of his ministers, he signed the performance contract. The contract furthermore, the source said, is to guarantee that the aims and objectives outlined in the ‘New National’ National Development Plan (NDP) that President Bio launched on Thursday, 28th February 2018 is achieved by the government.

It could be recalled that repeatedly, since his assumption to power on the 4th of April, 2018, President Bio in engagements with his cabinet ministers, the people and development partners, said he is a leader on a mission to make Sierra Leone better for everyone. Central to the president’s desire to change the country’s development narrative from hopelessness to shared prosperity is good governance of the state and transparent, accountable use of its finances and resources by duty bearers.

In achieving the goals of the ‘New Direction’ agenda, President Bio has also told his ministers that they must work collaboratively. “The National Development Plan is a shared vision,” he said at State House last week, “that sharpens focus on strategic goals and facilitates, strategic partnerships and collaboration among development partners, MDAs, experts and policy makers,” he said and added: “It also promotes dialogue among all parties and helps all parties avoid overlaps of work and waste of resources in sectors or across sectors.”

Centrality of the performance contract to achieving of the NDP is captured in these words by the president: “The medium term NDP is a product of what I have emphasized and insisted on governance – inclusive and purposeful planning for quality service delivery.”

It could be recalled that President Bio had told his ministers that most Sierra Leoneans lost trust in governance but as a new government, they are changing that narrative now and needs all his ministers to show leadership in their respective ministries.

“We have to perform as a responsible government that would positively impact the lives of the people because we have been entrusted with the responsibility to deliver,” he said, adding: “I warned all appointees to make sure that we give the best to the people of Sierra Leone and to make sure that there is accountability and transparency. At the end of the day, one must account for every penny for his or her Ministry, Department or Agency.”

As such, any minister who is rated during the periodic reviews as not meeting the benchmarks of the evaluation risks been shown the exit door by the ‘Talk and do’ President Bio.