Cabinet Reshuffle December 4 Ministers To Go

Whispers coming from within the seat of power at State House intimate that His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio is considering dropping at least four of his cabinet ministers by the end of this year.

The reports furthered that President Bio who is a stickler for discipline and achiever of organizational targets is not too pleased with the output of some of his ministers.

Whilst sources gave no names of those that the proposed reshuffle, which is said to happen in December, sources however states that President Bio’s consideration will be based on his assessment of the performance of his ministers and deputies that he appointed to help him deliver on his ‘New Direction’ promises to the nation.

In arriving at a decision to reshuffle or retain the present composition of his cabinet, State House sources reveal that the President receives regular performance updates of his ministers from his Chief Minister who like his boss is renowned for being a disciplinarian.

It could be recalled that the first thing that President Bio told heads of the Civil Service was to either shape up to deliver the ‘New Direction’ manifesto or ship out. Thus, he ordered that all civil servants must be in their offices on time and stay up to the stipulated time. Reports are that President Bio is displeased that several ministries have become laggard in compliance, including the ministers in charge of those ministries.

Having promised the people to provide disciplined leadership, disobedience, sources at State House  said, is one work principle that the President has zero tolerance for.

Having ordered a detailed probe of the performance of the former government, State House sources say the President is very mindful that his own government too does not fall short in terms of probity and delivery. Embarrassingly however, it is reported that some ministers instead of focusing on the job at hand have been tempted by the sweets of office and are reported to be engaged in ‘yuki-yuki’ dealings that have reached the ears of the President.

“President Bio wants maximum conformity and commitment to the task at hand from his appointees,” a source said, adding that, “for that he does not take kindly to anybody who does not join the straight line.”

In which regard, the source said that the nation must not be surprised to see President Bio periodically changing non-performers in his government; principally to keep everybody on their toes so that the promises that have been made to the people are fulfilled before the 2023 elections; knowing what the political consequence would be if his government fails.

“The President will keep reforming and strengthening his government in order to change the reality of his people,” the source affirmed, adding that: “for this, he has no sacred cows or favorites. His eyes are wholly and solely on the goal.”

Whilst sources said the decision to review his cabinet has not yet been made, it is however stated that the President is looking at the option of either giving the non-performers a second chance after cautioning or to swap their positions if not replace them. If he does replace the non-performers, it will be his first firing.