Business Houses Harassed


By Thomas S. Kembay

Proprietors of business houses in the capital city have reportedly raised serious concerns over harassment from certain groups of individuals claiming to be coming from the Consumer Protection Agency or Council.

An investigation mounted by The Exclusive revealed that these so-called Consumer Protection agents and Councilors have made it a habit of storming business houses and shops on daily basis in  Freetown especially in the Central Business District (CBD) claiming that they are acting on intelligence for sub-standard products.

“You will see them come and tell you, we are here to inspect your products as the information we got indicate you are selling expired goods,” fumed one Pa Jalloh on Abacha Street, noting, “when we ask them to go ahead and check, they will again tell you we do not want to waste your time just give us transport.”  He added that the sooner they leave, another group comes from the same Consumer Protection Agency or Council.

He cried that they received more than five groups on daily basis which, he said, has become unbearable and that they want government to intervene.

Several other business people expressed similar anger and made the same plea for government’s intervention to combat the unfortunate situation which they said is becoming a menace to them as it has the potential to collapse their businesses.