British National Drowns @ Targrin

By Soccer Kamara

With change in schedule of the only ferry now available to ply  to and from Targrin, A British National who was identified as Mr. Roger on Monday 4th July drowned while crossing from Kissy to Targrin.

According to report, the late British National boarded a local boat called Sapoba at about 9:30PM together with other passengers as he was trying catch up with his flight that night. Sapoba usually transport passengers who miss the ferry or do not want to wait for it.

The report continued that upon their arrival at Targrin 2 meters to the land while trying to disembark the boat the late Mr. Rogers fell off in the sea with high current that swept him away. Eye witness account states that all efforts by people around to save him proved futile as his whereabouts was nobody’s guess. The mysterious event reached authorities like the Local Unit Commander in Lungi, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Amara Sesay, head of ONS, Mr. Tarawally and others who stormed the scene to ascertain the cause of the accident and to see whether they can rescue the foreigner but were again unable.

The remains of the British national were spotted afloat the following day, Tuesday 5th July, 2016 and were conveyed to Freetown for further investigation.

The boat in question is according to information certified by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation and Maritime to operate with a capacity of 50 passengers.

Meanwhile, report has it that for the past three months there is no electricity supply at Targrin making it difficult for people crossing over.