British Council Gets New Director


By Ayodele Deen-Cole

The new Director at the British Council, Sierra Leone, Tony Riely has prioritized four key areas as his main focus during his mandated stay in the country. He replaces Simon Ingram Hill who served a successful four years in that office.

Speaking at a farewell dinner event organized for both the outgoing and incoming Director, Tony Reilly expressed happiness to work in the country with a new government that focuses on youth education, enterprise and innovation.

According to the new British Council Director, they will collaborate with different stakeholders to achieve this dream, adding that currently, the country needs empowerment in these areas to further boost the government development agenda. He also paid tribute to the outgoing Director whom is leaving the British Council after a long and distinguish career. According to him, Simon has served the British Council in twelve countries across and three continents. He extended an open hand to all stakeholders working with the Council, adding that he will make it a point of duty to meet with them and learn more about the nation.

In his farewell remarks, the outgoing Director thanked all those that helped him to succeed at the Council. He told the audience that during his tenure, he served the country at a very turbulent time, adding that despite the challenges, they were able to make meaningful contributions towards the fight against the Ebola outbreak and the mudslide disaster, adding that education, youth empowerment, culture and sports were his main priorities. He expressed satisfaction with the achievement made thus far.