Brewery Invests Le278B


By Thomas S. Kembay

The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) recently made an investment of over two hundred and seventy eight billion (Le 278 billion) as part of its large modernization and expansion initiative in the country.

During a press tour of the company’s facility, last Friday, 26th April, 2019, the Corporate Affairs Manager who doubles as Secretary of SLBL, Albert Ojo Collier explained that the over Le 278 billion investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to the country.

“This investment will help build tomorrow’s success and ensure that the company continues to grow with Sierra Leone for many decades to come,” said Mr. Collier, adding that SLBL would continue to play a significant role in the socio-economic growth of the country through its corporate social responsibility.

With support from Heineken Africa Foundation since 2014, SLBL, the Corporate Affairs Manager disclosed, has invested over six billion Leones through its corporate social responsibility projects which include intervention in water and sanitation, health, education and infrastructure, countrywide.

In 2005, SLBL, he further disclosed, introduced the use of locally grown Sorghum as raw material in its production process which has been a huge success as the growing of Sorghum has moved from subsistence farming to a commercialized one.
The growing of Sorghum for commercial purposes, he said, is now well established and that thousands of farmers and families in the supply chain have benefited hugely from the enterprise.

The demand for Sorghum, the Manager noted, has grown exponentially over the past years due to investment by SLBL in the Mash Filter and the introduction of a 100% Sorghum beer.

The company, he went on, embarked on a massive overhauling and extensive maintenance in January 2019 which targeted its bottling packaging line as per manufacturer recommendation, planned schedule and international standards.

During the maintenance period, the company, he said, experienced a shortage of bottle products in few areas. “As we speak now, both our portfolio of bottle and canned products are available all over the country,” assured Mr. Collier, pointing out that the company bottling plant is now in refreshment capacity and efficient enough to produce high quality products for the upcoming years.

With the new investment, the Company’s Packaging Manager, Denis Mackfoi disclosed that 7000 can drinks and 7,500 bottle drinks are produced in an hour. With such development, he assured that consumers will no longer experience shortage.