Bo School Gets A New Face

The Bo Government Secondary School or Bo School is reportedly witnessing some form of transformation. Since the retirement of the former Principal in February this year and the appointment of an Acting Principal, radical changes are reported to be taking place in the school which is putting it, once again, in a better light.

Under the leadership of Mr. Evans Kweku Nyarko, the discipline which has waned over the years and for which Bo School was known in the past, is gradually being restored. Immediately after taking over as Acting Principal, Mr. Nyarko introduced an undertaking to be made by parents to which they commit their children to strict rules and regulations. In the undertaking, parents subscribed to punishment for crimes like bound breaking, inhuman treatment of colleagues, club or clique activities. This scheme has drastically reduced indiscipline in the school, and seen the suspension of over 15 pupils.

The Acting Principal has also reintroduced a prep monitoring system for both staff and pupils with a rooster of assigned teachers per session with roll-call during prep incurring punishment of absentees. Protection of the school property is also given premium now with wilful damage incurring repair costs or suspension as the case may be.

Even the physical infrastructure of the school has witnessed a facelift since. White boards have been fixed to replace the old blackboard. Most of the damaged ceilings have been changed. Generally, a more conducive atmosphere for learning has been created by the new men at the helm with OBBA playing a pivotal role in everything. Blackout on campus has been largely minimised.