Bio To Throw Another Bombshell


During the course of this week, His Excellency, President Rtd Brig Julius Maada Bio is expected to announce another batch of cabinet ministers as follow up to the twelve he announced last week.

It is normal all over the world for a change of government to bring with it a change in key personnel who man the affairs of the state. When the All People’s Congress (APC), Ernest Bai Koroma administration took over from  the Sierra Leone People’s Party in 2007, the new head of state appointed new ministers, deputies and filled in also many other top ranking positions in the public service, the diplomatic service and government departments and agencies.

Reports are that after President Bio announced the first set of ministers, the reaction from both within his party and from the public was a mixture of grumbling and complaining. Some people grumbled that their “main man” had not been named. Others complained of old wines in new bottle. Others said the composition was not tribally and regionally balanced, citing that the majority were South-Easterners. Others said they did not hear the name of any disabled person. Still others said females were grossly under-represented.

In the coming announcement of cabinet ministers, the President will fill the positions of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Education Science and Technology (tertiary), Works, Housing and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Local Government and Rural Development, Mines and Mineral resources, Transport and Aviation, Trade and Industry, Labour and Social security, Lands and country Planning, Political and Public Affairs, Youth, Sport plus resident Ministers, among others. The President also still has to announce the names of deputy ministers for all the ministries; as well as new diplomatic postings, heads of parastatals and agencies of government.

Meanwhile, it is reported that over 500 Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora who are SLPP members and supporters have returned home in anticipation of jobs in the new administration. The reports furthered that President Bio is daily bombarded with telephone calls, text messages from party members and supporters, family members, friends and acquaintances, his former AFRC comrades, reminding him not to forget them in the appointments.

“He is in dilemma,” one close aide to the President intimated this press: “The pile of CVs on his desk and at home from job seekers that he knows will fill two or three office cabinets,” the aide added. “It includes CVs of people who helped him during the campaign that he promised to help if he won the presidency. Now how is he going to meet all these demands is the headache the President has.”