Bio Shakes Makeni


His Excellency Rtd.  Brig. Julius Maada Bio on Friday 23rd November, 2018 did not mince matters in Makeni city in the Northeast of Sierra Leone when he emphasized that he is President for all Sierra Leoneans and preached for unity and peace to bind the citizenry of this country.

Responding to a question posed by a young man in Makeni during the 2018 campaign that the slogan “Pa-O-Pa” on which he was campaigning was to revenge should he win the presidential election, President Maada Bio said his presidency is not to revenge or discriminate against anyone, but to make Sierra Leone better for all Sierra Leoneans.

He stressed that he was in Makeni to not only thank the people for voting him President of the Republic of Sierra Leone but to also, most importantly, meet with them and harp on the truism that Sierra Leone is for all Sierra Leoneans and that he is President for the entire citizenry, irrespective of partisan affiliation, ethnicity, region or religion.

President Bio replicated the distribution of ambulances in the Northeast Region for improved health service delivery as he did during his tour of Bo and Kenema cities in the Southern and Eastern Regions, and also commissioned the construction of a mini-health centre at Masondo.

Responding to ill-motivated Sierra Leoneans trying to distract people from the purpose of the President’s thank-you tour of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) heartland by spreading rumours that the President would be molested and dishonoured if he visited Makeni, President Bio bragged that he was not afraid to go anywhere in Sierra Leone as Head of State.

He emphasized that he is the only President that has fought for Sierra Leone, stating that during the eleven-year-long civil conflict when rebel guns were firing, they (soldiers) went everywhere in the country to silence them. President Bio said if he was courageous to face such danger, he would never be afraid of the eight months of the disgruntlements and sour faces of his distracters.

President Maada Bio thanked the Paramount Chiefs of Shebora and Makalie Gbanti chiefdoms, the traditional leaders and the people of Makeni for coming out in droves to welcome him. “Those trying to create divisions, we do not need them,” he stressed. He maintained that we are all one people, one country, noting that there are indigenes of Makeni residing in his village of Tihun in Bonthe district, Southern Region.

The President emphasized that his ‘New Direction’ government would encourage national cohesion and not division. The Head of State as a father advised pupils to take their education serious and not to drop along the way. He passionately appealed to the girl-child not to become pregnant and for the boys too to behave responsibly, noting that education is for individual and national development.