Bio Must Warn Leema! -The Public Demands


The people of this country who have so far been very tolerant over the overblown statements and inciting utterances of Lahai Lawrence Leema, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP’s) National Publicity Secretary when his party was in opposition have finally in disgust said that enough is enough; and that his boss, His Excellency Rtd. Brig. Bio, must rein him.

The people warn that if President Bio does not do so immediately, Leema’s irresponsible and very provocative utterances at a time when peace and reconciliation are the two words on every well-meaning politician’s lips will cause him and this nation very big trouble that we cannot afford.

“I want President Bio to be aware that his boy Leema is stirring the embers of discord and confrontation between APC and SLPP with his latest social media posting,” one very irate APC member told this press.

He brought out his phone and scrolled to a social media message posted by Lawrence Leema at 11.29pm on 17th April 2007. The APC man then read the post out loud: “The attention of the SLPP National Publicity Secretary is drawn to a secret meeting of some senior military officers of the RSLAF with the Former President Ernest Bai Koroma in Makeni city. If this is anything to go by, then let me remind the RSLAF chain of command that the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone is H. E. Rtd. Brig. Julius Bio, you either respect the people’s mandate or you quit the RSLAF; to venture any unprogressive path in this country now will be counterproductive. You don’t serve two masters. It is against the military law and codes for three officers to have a secret meeting without the approval of the CDS. So whatever you are up to, I advise you drop it with an immediate effect.”

When the APC man finished reading Leema’s post and raised his head up, he asked: can anything be more mischievous and disingenuous than this?

“We lost the election,” he said, adding, “but we accepted the results gracefully and have since pledged our support to President Bio to work with him to build Mama Salone.” “How can our Chairman and Leader plan a coup with the military against President Bio? He asked, adding that sober-minded people in SLPP must stop this chap from throwing this nation into confusion and chaos.

The military too has reportedly taken great displeasure to Leema’s post. Several senior military officers who spoke to this press expressed utter disgust at the antics of Leema; citing that they can understand what his frustration is and why he wants to drag the name of the military into something that they said is purely a figment of his imagination.

“If President Koroma wanted him and APC to hang on to power, why would he have allowed NEC to conduct, free, fair, transparent and accountable elections and accepted the result and allowed a peaceful transfer of power to President Bio?”

“I can categorically state that what Leema said in that very treasonable post is a complete fabrication because President Koroma has not been to Makeni in the very recent past. I can bet Leema on that,” the APC man who was now very livid with anger said.

“What I don’t understand is; why should Leema try to create suspicion on the military? Doesn’t President Koroma have the right to meet with fellow citizens in a civil capacity, even if they are military officers? Hasn’t he got friends and relatives and military officers? Does the law prevent him from meeting with them?” The APC man asked

Accordingly, the nation has said that President Bio who has a thousand and other very pressing state matters to attend to and cannot afford any political or ethnic divisions in the nation needs to in no nonsense words tell Leema to desist from uttering such rubbish dangerous statements that have the propensity to tear the nation apart.