Bio In Kailahun Today


His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio will today visit Kailahun district in another leg of his thank-you tour of the country following his victory in the 31st March, 2018 presidential runoff election.

According to report, President Julius Maada Bio will first visit Bunumbu in Pejeh West Chiefdom, where he started his life as a pupil teacher at the Bunumbu Methodist Agricultural Secondary School in the late 1980s, before he will proceed to Segbwema in the Jaluahun Chiefdom, the maternal home of the First Lady, Madam Fatima Jabbe Bio.

President Bio and entourage, according to report, will then travel straight to the district headquarters, Kailahun Town, where turnout for him is expected to far exceed the astonishing one in Koidu, Kono District.

His visit to Kailahun, one of the SLPP’s strongholds, as the country’s Head of State would probably stir up in his mind vivid memories of his time in the then Sierra Leone Army (SLA) now the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) as a young Lieutenant deployed at the Daru/ Segbwema axis at the beginning of the invasion of the late Rtd. Corporal Foday Saybana Sankoh’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels into Kailahun district in March, 1991 alongside the likes of Valentine Strasser, late Prince Ben Hirsch, Tom Nyuma and others who overthrew the unpopular APC regime of the late President Joseph Saidu Momoh in a coup on Wednesday 29th April, 1992 that was wildly acclaimed at home and accepted by the international community.

Unlike the neighboring Kono district where President Bio visited earlier and well known for vacillating its political support between APC and SLPP as the wind blows, Kailahun district has from time immemorial been the heartland of SLPP.

Speaking to this press about President Bio’s two-day visit to Kailahun district, the Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman, Kekehtoma Sandy said like all other districts he has visited, President Bio will thank the people of Kailahun for voting overwhelmingly for him and the SLPP in the March 2018 national elections, adding that the President will interact with the people and meet with SLPP executive members in the district.

In his address to the people, the Press Secretary said President Bio will highlight the importance of his government’s introduction of the Free Quality Education program and how he envisions it to serve as the bedrock of the nation’s dynamic growth in the coming years.

He furthered that the President will also explain to the people of Kailahun the reason behind his government’s insistence on the holding of Commissions of Inquiry on the former government, while he will also call on them to support the inquiry for the benefit of the nation; that the inquiry is not a witch-hunt against the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) as claimed by the party, but a deliberate action to instill democratic accountability and as an integral feature of the country’s public sector governance culture in a bid to ensure efficient political and economic management of the state.

He will also outline what the government has done for the people of Kailahun and what more it plans to do for them including NaCSA funded social welfare activities in the district targeted at the poor and the vulnerable. He is also expected to launch an ambulance service for the district, as he has done in the districts he has visited in a bid to improve emergency health service delivery.

The President will also tell the people what his government has done so far for the benefit of the entire nation, as well as highlight the challenges he and the government face in transforming the country from rags to riches during his first term in office.