Bio For SLPP Chairman And Leader

The brawl that took place last weekend in the center of Bo city between rival supporters in the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has not gone down well with the party hierarchy and calls made for President Bio to become at the same time the National party Chairman and Leader in order to dissipate the rivalry for that highly coveted position.

Reportedly, as the two rival gangs attacked each other violently, law and order broke down, three people were reportedly stabbed. The police, report intimates, arrested twenty suspects with machetes and other dangerous instruments capable of causing grievous bodily harm in their possession.

Shock and dismay has been expressed by not only the SLPP leadership over the unfortunate intra-SLPP brawl in Bo but also by the entire nation. To many, they do not expect the country’s oldest political party that everyone is looking up to, to provide leadership and guidance to the rest of the nation at a troubled time like this to be engaged in what seems like a deadly power struggle at this stage.

“They ought to know better,” Mohamed Kamara from Makeni living in Bo said. “With President Bio running helter-skelter across the globe to put things in place for us the poor people of this country, is this the way his supporters are now behaving  themselves?” he asked.

Musu Sesay in Kambia said, “Members of the SLPP have no sympathy for the Presidency. The man is spending sleepless nights trying to ensure that his party fulfills the election promises it made to the nation, while his people are busy tearing each other apart. Mercy!”

One Samuel Johnson in Waterloo said that if it was supporters of the All People’s Congress (APC) would have behaved in such a manner, SLPP would have been shouting about it from every rooftop calling APC bad boys, hooligans and all kinds of negative names. “I don’t believe the SLPP press statement that an internal investigation will be done and those responsible for the fracas disciplined,” he said. “You will see. Nothing will be done. The police will do nothing. Nobody will be charged to court,” he said, adding, ‘nar buff case,’

An SLPP member in Kenema, Mary Sesay deplored the action of those she called thugs that are out to give the presidency and the party a bad name. “If these people think they love the party they would not engage in power struggle but focus on how to help the president and the government to bring about the much needed development.

Against this background of all round condemnation of the action of some SLPP members and supporters in Bo, reports state that the National Executive Council (NEC) is having a serious rethink about the party constitution to enable its flagbearer to at the same time be the party’s National Chairman and Leader.

Many believe that if this is done, it would ease the tension surrounding the fight for the position of the party National Chairman and Leader.