Bio Drops Bombshell


From all part of Kenema district and the eastern province, all roads led to the Kenema city agricultural show field on Friday, 26th October, 2018 where President Bio addressed hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans including People’s Party members, supporters and sympathizers.

President Bio and his entourage arrived in Kenema after thanking the people in the neighboring southern province headquarter city of Bo on the first leg of his nationwide ‘Thank You’ to the people tour.

In Kenema, President Bio assured the people that his government will transform the city into a modern edifice that its residents and visitors will be proud of.

President Bio offered profound gratitude to the people of Kenema for the overwhelming support and massive votes that they gave to him in the March 2018 presidential elections; as well as for the vital role that they played in the 2018 electioneering process. He also thanked the political leadership of the district for their service that contributed to his election victory.

He lamented that the former APC government marginalized Kenema because of their support for SLPP, for which, he said, they were denied development, pointing to the city’s neglected streets. Kenema, he said, is a special place to the SLPP and for him, a second home. He promised that Kenema will become a center of development as his government has a lot of programmes lined-up for the district.

He further told the people of Kenema that his six months old government inherited a bad economy, and therefore appealed to them to be patient. His government, he said, is determined to make a difference in the lives of the people of this country. It’s a “talk and do one,” he said, adding that his government introduced the national free quality education programme which, he said, his opponents had said was impossible but were proved wring when the scheme was launched  on the 17th August,  2018. He encouraged all parents to send their children to school to benefit from the program.

On the rights of girls and women, he said his government is going to enact a stiff law that will see men who rape under-aged girls and women serve long jail term.

He declared that his government will improve agriculture by helping farmers to grow cash crops and to engage in value-added activities so that their incomes will increase to enable them pay for the education of their children at the tertiary levels.

President Bio who used the occasion to launch the national ambulance scheme told the people that his government has repaired 157 ambulances owned by the government. This, he said, was because his government cares for the lives of its citizens. The numbers to call the ambulances, he said, are 300 and 400. He called on the district health management teams to use the ambulances for their intended purposes. Furthermore, he called on Paramount Chiefs to monitor the ambulances in their respective chiefdoms.

President Bio told the people that his government has waged war against corruption, maintaining that the Commission of Inquiry is not a witch-hunt but intended to bring transparency and accountability into governance; adding that it will serve as deterrent to current public officials. The essence of it, he added, is to recover all monies that were misappropriated by the former government that belongs to the people.

He furthered that his government will rehabilitate a total of 31 miles stretch of roads in Kenema – starting with his commissioning of the main Blama, Hangha and Dama Roads in the city.   The President assured the people of Kenema and Bo that the dilapidated Dodo hydro dam that supplies the twin cities with electricity will be rehabilitated and improved to ensure constant electricity supply.

The voices of the people of Kenema, he said, have been heard by his government with regards their request for the Eastern Polytechnic to be upgraded to university status. He implored the people to educate their children, especially the girl child.

Earlier, the Kenema city Mayor, His Lordship Thomas Baio, welcomed the President and his entourage to the city. The people, he said, were happy to see him for the first time after his election victory. He narrated how the city suffered under the APC government. He appealed to the President to help them with the completion of their city hall.

Timothy, a 7 years old Class 3 pupil of the Sierra Leone Church Primary School read a congratulatory letter to the President thanking him for the free quality education programme. Another SSS2 pupil of the St. Luke’s Commercial School, Kumba Koroma, also expressed satisfaction, stating that this is the first President to offer free quality education.

In his contribution, Chief Minister, Professor David J. Francis stated that President Bio has good intentions for the people of this country. He said the President will bring sanity to Kenema. He thanked the President for appointing 9 people, including from the district in his cabinet.

The SLPP government, he said, is a matured administration with many wise heads. He therefore admonished the people to put aside politics and come together to support President Bio and the government to push forward the country’s development for the benefit of all and sundry.