Bio Determined


Ambassador at Large and Special Adviser to His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio, Dr. Bond Wurie at the weekend told The Exclusive that the President remains determined and focused on his avowed mission of making Sierra Leone a better place for all its citizens.

Speaking as an elderly statesman, Ambassador Wurie called on all Sierra Leoneans to exercise patience as things are not all rosy at the moment. However, the seasoned politician furthered, the Government of President Bio is going all out to put in place the remedial economic policies and good governance measures to ensure that gradually but surely things improve. He called on citizens to understand that development does not take place overnight adding that it is a slow and gradual process of building up state institutions and governance structures that bring about the much needed economic and social changes that lead to improvement in the lives of the people.

Globally, Ambassador Wurie said the existential situation is challenging for billions of citizens; especially those in poor developing countries like Sierra Leone struggling to escape from the clutches of both internal and external drag down factors. But mindful of the commitment that he made to the people to make their lives better, he said that is why the President is travelling here and there across the world to seek much needed development assistance and external investors to help him implement the goals outlined in the country’s National Development Plan. He maintained that the president’s numerous overseas travels are not for personal pleasure.

President Bio, he said, has very good intentions for this country for which, he remains steadfast in ensuring that administratively, economically and financially things get better for the country and its people. This, he said, can be seen in the government’s focus on prudent economic management of the state and its resources, revenue maximization by the National Revenue Authority (NRA), the fight against corruption by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) that has led to renewed international confidence in the country’s management which witnessed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reengage with the government and the World Bank, EU, China, ADB and other international development partners to expand their development assistance lending portfolio to the country. “Not all the gains will be visible immediately,” he said, adding that for example, the Bio government’s free quality education programme will eventually result in a better educated nation that would be able to dynamically contribute to national development individually and communally.

As such, Ambassador Wurie appealed to the people to put aside all differences and come together to cooperate with the government in fostering development, noting that when things improve, the fruits will be enjoyed by everybody, not just one tribe or region or party.

“We need to put Sierra Leone first in everything we do as a divided mind will never bring good to this country,” Ambassador Wurie said, adding, “If we all embrace each other that will be good for the country.”

As such, he said the development of Sierra Leone should ne the number one priority of everyone, regardless of tribe, region, religion, class or party. President Bio he said has five years mandate and has done only one with four more years remaining. The best we can do as a nation is to rally behind him to help him fulfill his mandate.

The emphasis he said should be on peace, unity and national cohesion, without which he said we cannot progress far in development. As such, he said APC and SLPP should not see themselves as enemies but as contestants for development not as contestants to keep us apart which he emphasized is not good for the country.

“Let us avoid tribal utterances,” he appealed. “It is not good for the country.” He ended by stating that “when we all come together, that is when Sierra Leone will change for the better.”

It could be recalled that on a two-day visit to neighboring Guinea, the President called on Sierra Leoneans living in that country to be united for the common interest of the country. He entreated them to work together by putting the interest of the country above party politics, whilst maintaining: “As President of Sierra Leone, it is my responsibility to protect every citizen regardless of tribe, region or political belief.”