Bio Declares New Salone


For the last nine or ten months, the experts, technocrats and specialists in the reestablished Ministry of Economic Planning and Development have been hard at work crafting a new five-year ‘National Development Plan’ that will facilitate the proper implantation of the Bio administration’s aspirations for the citizenry. The President, who has said the plan is the beginning of a new dawn in Sierra Leone, will launch it today.

According to the Minister of Economic Planning and Development, Madam Nabella Tunis, the plan hinges on eight priority development issues – Human Capital Development as enshrined in the FQE and focus in quality higher education including ICT and Voc-Tech; Health; Economic Diversification; Women, Children and the Disable; Agriculture; Tourism; among others.

Minister Tunis assured that the essence of government is to empower the people through the right policies and implementation, adding that the plan incorporates job creation across the board, governance and accountability of all MDAs. The plan, she said, has an extensive implementation span life of up to twenty years. “It will create more room for economic development in order to build a better nation,” Madam Tunis assured.

The plan, she said, will also take into consideration the new field of oil and gas, noting that the fishing industry will also support the vision of a better Sierra Leone through economic diversification. “Our government will change the narrative of the economic sector; we will build our human resource within five years amidst the challenges we currently face as a government,” Madam Tunis assured the nation.

Explaining the merits of the new National Development Plan, the Deputy Minister, Dr. Robert Chakanda, who claimed that nationwide consultations with all sectors of society informed the formulation of the document, said it provides a clear roadmap with clear goals and guidance towards its achievement.