Bio Cannot Be Distracted -Amb. Bond Wurie


Special Adviser to the President and Ambassador at Large, Dr. Umaru Bond Wurie has expressed annoyance at the public’s fondness for causing mischief by willfully and maliciously disseminating rumors and fake news. Ambassador Wurie noted that his boss, the President too does not take kindly to some ill-motivated people in the society taking upon themselves to cause the government unnecessary embarrassment by divulging false information to the police.

President Bio, Ambassador Wurie said, cannot be distracted by false allegations that he is witch-hunting his political opponents as according to him, the President is not a man who harbors grudge for others or has a vengeful nature. Both the President and government, he said, are not concerned about whatever the past but rather, about dealing with the current development issues, adding that the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) led government is a responsible one that counts on vital information from the citizens that relates to security and other matters of national concern.

The government, he said, is fully conscious of its responsibility to go all out to deliver on its promises it made to the people during its campaign trail which is the President’s focus. Thus, Ambassador Wurie condemned, in no uncertain terms, those that are trying to create distrust, chaos, confusion and panic in the society in order to paint the government in a bad light. He went on to state that all government appointees have responsibilities to carry and that they must not take their positions for granted, adding that the President had at a recent retreat told them that failure was not an option and that they must deliver on their mandates in order to achieve the goals set in the ‘New Direction’ agenda or be ready to be shown the exit door.

The President, he said, knows the full implications of the campaign promises that he made to the people and the consequences of not fulfilling them, noting that the people are fully aware and now have the capacity to judge the performance of their governors. With all of these, the President, he said, is working round the clock to ensure that he achieves his avowed goals set for the betterment of the country and people.

The Ambassador called on law enforcers to be careful of how they deal with information from the public and for individuals to be law-abiding, noting that the achievement of the ‘New Direction; hinges on a peaceful and law-abiding society that cooperates with the government.

“The best we can do as Sierra Leoneans who want our country to develop under whichever leader and party that is in governance is to join hands with the President and government for the furtherance of national  development,” he said, noting that if the country develops, everyone  will benefit and vice versa.