Bio Angry


Anybody thinking of sabotaging President Bio’s free quality education flagship project intended to dramatically transform the country’s moribund human resource development landscape dynamically in the coming years, in order to fast-track both individual and national development must think otherwise before doing so.

President Bio who is very determined to ensure the success of the free quality education scheme has severally in public gatherings recalled how pessimists said he was only doing political posturing when he said he will provide free education for our children; that his government which he said inherited a bankrupt state would not have the financial wherewithal to finance the scheme.

In which vein, President Bio has warned that anyone caught stealing learning and teaching materials provided for the free education would be disgraced publicly before facing the full force of the law.

President Bio gave this warning whilst launching the free quality education textbooks and learning materials presentation at the Government Technical Secondary School at Congo Cross in Freetown, mid last week.

“If anyone is caught stealing or selling these teaching and learning materials, he/she will not only face the full force of the law but will also face public disgrace,” the President said.

President Bio called for the free quality education scheme not to be politicized as it has to do with development of the country’s human resource for the benefit of the entire nation and not one tribe, region or political party.

“By investing in the education of our children, we are investing in the future of our nation…These materials are not for sale and anyone caught stealing them will face the full force of the law,” President Bio stressed.

That the nation should take the President’s warning seriously in his standing askance and allowing the Anti Corruption-Commission (ACC) to arrest his newly appointed Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration on allegations of massive theft.

Those in his administration who therefore would want to fall prey to the temptation of engaging in corruption should also think twice before letting down their guards, as they can be certain that when found out, they too should be ready to face the full force of the law.

That is why President Bio has appealed to the nation to understand the reason behind his insistence that an inquiry must be done into the activities of the former government.

“Let us collectively reject those who seek to divide us and support the Commissions of Inquiry to send a clear message to the world that Sierra Leoneans are united in the fight against corruption and restore democratic accountability,” he has said.

Similarly, those who are involved in rape and violation of the sanctity of underage girls can expect to receive no mercy from the law once new legislation is enacted; as President Bio is eager to see that the girl-child too enjoys the benefits of his free education scheme.

Youths, who have taken a morbid liking to lawlessness, violence, stabbing, wounding and killing wantonly can also expect to see tougher measures instituted against them as the police and the judiciary join President Bio in drawing a line against such dangerous anti-social behaviors.