Bio Angry

The country under the leadership of His Excellency President Bio, according to international reports, has made steady headway in the fight against corruption; however, other development indicators, particularly the economy and social service delivery, are not too favourable.

Aware of the promise he made to the people before and after his election as head of state, reports are that President Bio is not happy about the way things are going in the country. Reports hinted that the President is angry at some members of his government that stand accused of not performing well in the delivery of the goods that the New Direction promised the people.

Having acknowledged several times that things are not going as he expected, 2020, according to many, is the break or make year for the president in his aspiration to turn things around for the country and its people. To actualize the promise made to the people, the president is reportedly determined to take drastic measures to ensure that results are achieved by all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs); as there are indications that some ministers and their MDAs are not striving assiduously to meet the objectives of the country’s medium term national development plan which the president has to deliver on for a favourable outcome for him and his ruling party in the 2023 national elections.

At last weekend’s third cabinet retreat held at the Bintumani Conference Hall at Aberdeen with the theme: ‘Consolidating the foundation for service delivery,’  the President emphatically demanded that his Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Professional Heads rev up their engines to provide an effective and efficient service for the people that are real, visible, tangible and life transforming.

The objective of the two-day retreat was to review of the New Direction government’s implementation of the eight development priorities from April 2018 to January 2020 and to prioritize the targets for the delivery of the expected results and outcomes.

Another objective of the retreat was to better clarify the roles and responsibilities of ministers, their deputies and administrative and professional heads of the MDAs to deepen their understanding of the medium term national development plan and its linkages to service delivery, performance management, monitoring and evaluation.

President Bio addressing his key state functionaries encouraged all officials to work in unity as a team.

“We are here to develop a smart plan that is outcome and result oriented, and we have a responsibility to deliver to this nation; therefore, we have to work together to change the narrative of our country,” President Bio said passionately.

Not one to mince his words, the President maintained that he was prepared to come down hard on all MDAs in order to ensure that they deliver on their respective mandates. 

Declaring 2020 the year of delivery, he urged heads of MDAs to be professional, disciplined and timely in the delivery of services. “I have no yellow card in my 2020 service delivery move, we must deliver and on time,” the president emphasized.

Charging the Vice President and the Chief Minister to become effective supervisors and monitors of the MDAs, he said there are no more excuses to give to the people.