Bio Angry


Reports reaching The Exclusive from within the corridors of State House disclosed that His Excellency President Bio left Sierra Leone for a two-day visit to The Gambia a visibly angry man.

The source intimated that the President’s embittered mood was not unconnected with widespread reports in the media about an unhealthy squabbling atmosphere in the Sierra Leone People’s Party between supporters of the current Chairman and Leader, Dr. Prince Alex Harding and the National Organizing Secretary, Jimmy Batilo Songa who is reported to want to mount a challenge to Dr. Harding for the party’s much coveted leadership position.

“The President is not one normally known for displaying emotion,” one of our sources said, adding, “But when the news went viral about the indiscipline going on within his party, the President literally blew his top.”

The source said President Bio lashed out at people he called big men who ought to know better than engaging themselves in what, he said, is distractive to the ‘New Direction’ agenda. “The President swore that if such ungentlemanly and unruly behavior continues it will meet the full force of his wrath as president of the land,” the source intimated.

He furthered that what dismays and displeases the President most is that senior members of the party to join him achieve the party’s election promises to the people are engaged in something else. “It does not go down well with the president at all,” the source said.

What further aggravated the President’s temper, the source said, is the fact that he expects his party members to conduct themselves respectfully and lawfully; having said that he has declared war against indiscipline, corruption and poverty. With the war against corruption having won remarkable successes through the efforts of the ACC, the source said, it is the duty of the party to help the President achieve successes in the other wars by not serving as a source of distraction to him.

It could be recalled that last Saturday, there was an explosion of virulent emotions at the SLPP headquarters on Wallace Johnson Street as supporters of Dr. Harding and Jimmy Batilo Songa lashed at each other verbally and physically.