Bio, A Disciplined & Committed Leader -Amb. Bond Wurie


An honest, sincere and patriotic leadership makes the striking difference between what progressive countries like Botswana, Cape Verde and Madagascar have achieved since the 1980s and what, unfortunately, Sierra Leone which has far more natural resources than those countries, has become. It is against this backdrop the Special Adviser to the President and Ambassador at Large, Dr. Umaru Bond Wurie has stated that our country is blessed and lucky to have, at a crucial transition time like this, a disciplined and committed leader in the person of President Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio to steer the ship of state towards the prosperity we are all yearning for as a nation.

The President’s noble personality and exemplary leadership qualities, he said, was exhibited to the nation soon as he acceded to office on 4th April, 2018 when he called all Permanent Secretaries, Departmental and Agency Heads to a meeting and told them in no uncertain terms that it was no longer business as usual. He did not mince matters when he told them that those who did not want to work with him towards achieving the country’s myriad development aspirations must resign. Ambassador Wurie recalled that the President clearly impressed on the minds of the public sector heads when he told them that they have a permanent contract with the government, while his is only a five-year tenure which can only be renewed if he delivers on his election promises to the electorate.

Respect for time is very important in achieving time bound goals and objectives. That, Ambassador Wurie said, is why the first order which the President gave to all public sector workers was that they should be in their offices at 8.30a.m. and stay there until 4.30p.m. Another important step the President took on assuming office was to tell heads of the public service that they have to be financially prudent and that henceforth, all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) workshops, seminars and conferences must be hosted in their own premises. It could be recalled that before, these official activities were mostly hosted in hotels and other expensive privately owned venues with hugely inflated bills attached which constituted a strain on the country’s shoestring budget.

Another indication of the President’s commitment to the wellbeing of the country and its people, Ambassador Wurie said, was his reintroduction of the national cleaning exercise on the first Saturday of every month. The seasoned diplomat noted that some people who have raised eyebrows about the cost of the exercise do not know the importance of keeping our environment clean. Health is wealth, he said, adding that it is only when someone is healthy that they will have the energy and zeal to work and do other useful things. The environment in which we live contributes a great deal to our health as well as illness, the Special Adviser to the President said.

According to Ambassador Wurie, he has known the President for a very long time as a man of his words who tries extremely hard to ensure he does not renege on his promises but to always deliver. Delivering the free education flagship project which the President promised Sierra Leoneans, Ambassador Wurie said is a formidable challenge that has to be surmounted. He said President Bio has gone all out to ensure it becomes a reality as he firmly believes that education will be the ultimate game changer in transforming Sierra Leone from poverty and joblessness to employment and wealth.

Ambassador Wurie asserted that the advantages of having a well educated nation are many, including the personal benefits that it brings to the individual and what it contributes to the family, community and society at large. Free education at primary and secondary level, he said, must be seen in the context of many poor parents and guardians not being able to pay even ordinary school fees for their children which has caused many not to darken the walls of a classroom whilst many have dropped out of school even before completing primary or junior secondary education. Outlining the world of difference it makes when one can read and write, Ambassador Wurie said the scheme will help the country to move forward in many progressive and positive ways.

He therefore called on the nation to exercise patience and to give President Bio and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Government time to work things out. The seasoned diplomat assured that the President is fully aware of the current hardship which the ordinary man and woman in the country face due to a broken economy that takes herculean efforts to mend and get back on the rails of progress. Ambassador Wurie however asserted that the President, like a battle tested general, is undaunted and spends sleepless nights pondering over strategies and solutions to the challenges, adding that with concerted efforts, the government will soon overcome those challenges and the nation will start enjoying its sweet fruits.

Going by what the President has been doing since April, this year, including the economic reformation Executive Orders which he has issued that have bore fruits in terms of expenditure control and increased revenue intake, Ambassador Wurie said the nation should see that the President is doing everything humanly possible to ensure that Sierra Leone becomes a better place for all. The International Community which sees the President’s sincerity and commitment, he said, is playing its own part very well by giving the government all the support it needs. Ambassador Wurie emphasized that what is crucially required on the home front to add more strength and dynamism to the effort to move the country’s development forward is all hands on deck.

The Ambassador at Large furthered that those trying to bring the President down must realize that their efforts are exercises in futility as he rules with the mandate of the majority of the people who elected him to conduct the affairs of the state for the next five years. “No one can change that,” he stressed.

Consequently, Dr. Wurie appealed to Sierra Leoneans to stop propagating hate messages and wish well for the President, government officials and the country as this is the only Sierra Leone that we have and love.