Big Shakeup Awaits Police… 2 For IG Position


Indications from within the corridors of power are that the current Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Dr. Richard Moigbeh is on the way to retirement early next year. His likely successor would be either the current Deputy Inspector General, Fode Umaru K. Daboh aka FUK or Assistant Inspector General (AIG), Elizabeth Turay.

According to very reliable sources, Dr. Richard Moigbeh would have been fired from the time the Bio administration acceded to power but because he had only one year to retire, and with the intervention of the Catholic Mission that interceded on his behalf, he was allowed to continue as IG for the remaining one year to his retirement.

It could be recalled that over the years, enforcement of the official retirement age of sixty has seen the exit of hundreds of both senior and junior officers from the SLP and IG Dr. Richard Moigbeh would be no exception.

A school of thought speculates that like his predecessor, Brima Acha Munu, who even though had not reached retirement age was reassigned as Ambassador to Liberia by former President Ernest Bai Koroma, Dr. Richard Mogbeh’s pending exist could have to do with President Julius Maada Bio’s desire to inject fresh blood into the SLP.

While the government generally continues to make impressive strides in good governance and public financial management fronts, citizens are generally disapproving of the conduct of the SLP. Complaints against the police are numerous; they range from gross human rights abuse including arbitrary arrest, unlawful detention without charge until a bribe is paid by the victim for his or her release, to allegations of daily extortion of monies by traffic police officers from commercial drivers and riders.

Recent international ratings of the SLP have been unfavorable, even though a lot has been done by the current leadership to instill discipline into the force. Citizens accuse the police of highhandedness and disrespect for the rule of law in performing their constitutional duties of protecting lives and properties and enforcing law and order in society.

DIG FUK Daboh, who has served in almost all branches of the SLP, is known to be a stickler for discipline and brooks no nonsense from his men and women. At the same time, he commands a lot of respect among his peers and juniors for being a fair-minded, objective and compassionate commander. With him at the helm of affairs in the SLP, many citizens across the length and breadth of the country, who have known him in his various deployments as a very strict commander, opined that the days of lawlessness and indiscipline in the SLP and the country will be a thing of the past, sooner than later.

AIG Elizabeth Turay was the second most female senior officer after AIG Kadie Fakondoh during the face-lifting of the SLP under British-born IG Keith Biddle. She also rose to the position of AIG before the current DIG and has served in various commanding positions including Regional Commander East, Director of Support in charge of the Force’s finances, amongst others senior postings.

AIG Elizabeth Turay has served the SLP with distinction and indefatigability for more than two decades, but the unassuming senior officer had always and continues to keep low profile. As the SLP’s current Operations Commander, she is a force to reckon with in terms of discipline, probity enforcing the law.