Big Boost For Female Police Officers


By Ayodele Deen-Cole

The Director of Peacekeeping in the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Superintendent John Tumbay has disclosed that a new contingent of one hundred and sixty (160) personnel would soon leave for Somalia on peacekeeping mission.

According to the Director, about 30% of the personnel would be female, whilst he praised the current status of Sierra Leone’s peacekeeping personnel in various Africa Union (AU) and United Nation Peacekeeping Missions around the world.

He commended the Executive Management Board of the SLP for purchasing standard equipment for the Somalia operations and urged the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) to continue supporting the SLP.

Meanwhile, Supt. John Tumbay has disclosed that the SLP has planned to send 100% female officers to a future peacekeeping mission around the world.

According to the Director, Sierra Leone will be the second African country to do so after Rwanda, noting that India was the first nation to have introduced such initiative.

The Director disclosed that despite having a good number of female police officers serving in various peacekeeping missions around the world, the SLP has decided to come up with the all-female initiative due to the cultural and religious practices in some of the war affected countries they would be deploying as peacekeepers. He noted that countries like Somalia and Sudan are complete Islamic states where adultery is an abomination.

He asserted that the initiative would help rebrand the gender image of the SLP globally and set an example for other nations to emulate.