Big Boost For Bumbuna Teachers College


By Alhaji Mansaray

In order to achieve his goal to ensure that Bunumbu Teachers College returns to its original location of Bunumbu, Hon Musa Lahai of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) representing Constituency 009 in the Kailahun District, has reportedly provided one hundred (100) foam mattresses worth millions of Leones to the College. The said mattresses are currently at the college campus.

Hon. Lahai has also provided dozens of shovels, pickaxes, head pans and food for work to the Constituency for the maintenance of the road leading to the Bunumbu Teachers College.

The MP has also attended Chiefdom Administrative Council meetings in two chiefdoms in his Constituency at Bunumbu in Pejeh West Chiefdom and Bandajuma in Yawei Chiefdom on developmental issues.

In his contribution to the free education scheme, Hon. Lahai has distributed learning materials worth millions of Leones to six Muslim Primary Schools in his Constituency.

The MP has also completed four roundabouts in Bunumbu Town and is currently working on four others in Koilu Ngeya town towards the Kono/Kailahun Boundary.