Basharia Imam Preaches On Zakat


By Alhaji Mansaray

Sheik Sajoh Bah of the Basharia Islamic Mission has disclosed that the Arabic Month of Mubarram is a commandment from the Almighty Allah.

Addressing worshippers last Friday, at the Basharia Central Mosque at Bombay Street in Freetown, on the importance of ‘Zakat’ (sacrifice), Sheik Sajoh Bah reminded his congregation that Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, which he said, is a must that Muslims should honour by giving whatever they have to the poor and needy. He added that if one fails to do so, he or she has denied the Almighty Allah and his or her payment would be hell fire.

The Imam emphasised that according to the Holy Prophet Mohamed, whom the peace and blessings of Allah be upon, whosoever has the chance to do so and fails is not part of the believers and he or she is described as a hypocrite, though he or she has observed the other pillars of Islam.

Imam Sajoh Bah stressed that if you are supposed to give Zakat and you do so, Allah will accept your prayers, Hajj and other good deeds. He reminded the congregation that Prayers go with Zakat and the Zakat is for people with the upper hand and it should be done on time.

The Imam maintained that someone’s ways of doing things makes them a Muslim or not. “As a Muslim, you should work with your community in terms of prayers and development,” the Imam admonished.

Praises were showered on the Almighty Allah and the congregation was reminded that the Holy Prophet Mohamed (SAW) was the messenger of Allah. Prayers were also offered for the country.