Basharia Imam Preaches on Repentance


By Alhaji Mansaray

Imam Haroun Ahmad Bangura of the Basharia Islamic mission has called on Muslims to always be with the Almighty Allah and sincerely repent.

Addressing worshipers last Friday at the Basharia Central Mosque at Bombay Street in Freetown, Imam Haroun Ahmad Bangura added that, Allah told the Holy Prophet Mohammad may Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH), to tell his followers that with their bad deeds if they repent sincerely and stand on that repentance the Almighty Allah shall forgive their sins. He said, according to the Holy Prophet of Islam, if you submit yourself to Islam, Islam shall focus on your good deeds.

Imam Haroun Ahmad Bangura pointed out that the Almighty Allah is happy with someone who has denied Allah but later turns to the Almighty Allah sincerely and drops all his or her bad deeds.

The Imam reminded the congregation that the Holy month of Ramadan is over and that the same Allah whom you were afraid of during the Ramadan and you left your bad deeds, is the same Allah who is the owner of all the other months in the Arabic calendar, therefore, he is calling on all Muslims to still continue the good deeds they were doing during the month of Ramadan and to maintain their worship.

He urged all to have hope for the forgiveness of the Almighty Allah. He said, according to the Holy Prophet Mohammad may the Peace Be Upon, every day, the Holy Prophet is telling the Almighty to forgive him over seventy times.