Bar Association Angry

The Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) in a public statement issued on Friday 24th April, 2020 expressed anger at happenings in the Sierra Leone Judiciary which they fear could have “the proclivity to completely erode the respect and confidence which the public has in the justice system.”

According to the public statement, the SLBA are displeased with official correspondences from the public to the judiciary finding their way into social media, magazines and the press in general. The Association deplores that such leaks are unprofessional.

The Bar Association also insinuated in their press release that it wanted the issue of the alleged sending on indefinite leave of Justice Nicholas Brown-Marke by the Chief Justice to be investigated to ascertain the facts.

Justice Browne-Mark’s issue has ignited a lot of public debate with those on his side arguing that the Chief Justice has not got the fiat to take such decision but the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, while others believe the Chief Justice has the right.

The Association also wants a follow-up on the letter written on 23rd March, 2020 to the General Legal Council by Lawyer Marrah questioning why the Master and Registrar, S. Y. Mansaray, who is indicted and on suspension, has been replaced by Ms. Elaine Thomas Archibald. Her appointment, the SLBA maintains ultra vires the provisions of Section 28 of the Court’s Act No. 31 of 1965 as Amended and the Legal Practitioners Act 2000 as amended.

To resolve the aforesaid grievances, the SLBA called for dialogue between the parties involved and the judiciary.