At The International Wildlife Conference In UK… First Lady Speaks Tough  


Delivering her speech at the International Wildlife Conference held in London last week, the First Lady, Mrs. Fatima Bio disclosed that the Sierra Leone has more elephants than what has been accounted for over the years.

According to the First Lady, Sierra Leone has not been able to account for the amount of elephants she has which, according to her, is as a result of lack of the requisite  capacity to fully assess the situation of wildlife  in the country.

The ‘New Direction’ administration of President Bio, she assured, is determined to put an end to the illegal wildlife trade in the country.

“The New Direction administration is committed to empowering the National Protected Area Authority (NPAA) for the overall supervision and protection of all national parks and other protected areas that includes the Cola Forest,” she assured. The employment of more rangers, she said, has helped protect the elephant population and other wildlife species in the country.

Madam Fatima Bio pleaded for more support to empower Sierra Leone to undertake a survey that will determine country’s elephant population, adding that she was ready to stand up and work with the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI) and other elephant cooperation in the world as, according to her, “every life matters.”

The First Lady therefore called on neighbouring countries to partner with Sierra Leone for the protection of the lives of elephants and other wildlife within the continent.

The EPI consultative group meeting has been one of the highlights of the illegal wildlife trade conference that is geared towards the protecting of wildlife species.

It has been reported that 20,000 elephants are killed each year in Africa and it is believed that if it continues, elephants will be wiped out completely in a decade or two.