At Mount Aureol Community… ‘Soja’ Undressed

By Thomas S. Kembay
The intervention of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of Ross Road Police Station has seen the removal of one Captain Salifu Kanu attached at the Murray Town Barracks as caretaker of the ‘Kaka Loko Water’ at the Mount Aureol Community in East End Freetown.

Investigation revealed that Captain Salifu Kanu has been using his military status for the gross insubordination of traditional norms and culture at the Mount Aureol Community for which he was dragged to the CRD at Ross Road.
According to the investigation, being senior military personnel, Captain Kanu was appointed by community stakeholders to serve as caretaker of the community water well, but his appointment later frustrated the community people when he increased the price for fetching water from the well.

“Before his appointed, we used to pay Le100 for one five-gallon container and money collected was used for the maintenance of the well, but Capt. Kanu raised the money to Le250,” said one Aminata Kamara,

The community people alleged that despite Capt. Kanu increased the amount to Le250, he never used the money for the maintenance of the community water well.