As VP Graces China-Salone Health Reception… Another Batch Of Chinese Medics Jet In


By Thomas S. Kembay

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh on Thursday 27th June, 2019 served as the guest of honour at the China-Sierra Leone Public Health Cooperation at the Chinese Embassy at Spur Loop, Wilberforce, west of Freetown.

The Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Hu Zhanglian expressed thanks and appreciation to Dr. Juldeh Jalloh for honouring the august occasion. According to Amb.  Zhanglian, the occasion marks the farewell of the 20th batch of Chinese medical team, the 4th batch of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Expert team, the 3rd Chinese military medical expert team and the welcoming of the new batches of another Chinese medical and health experts.

On behalf of the Chinese Government, he also expressed gratitude to the government of Sierra Leone for its long-term support to the China-Sierra Leone public health cooperation and the remarkable achievements made thus far.

“In 1973, the first batch of the Chinese medical team arrived in Sierra Leone and opened a new chapter of China-Sierra Leone public health cooperation,” said Amb Zhanglian, noting that over the past 46 years, nearly 500 Chinese medical and health experts have contributed to the health sector of Sierra Leone and have considered the country as their second home. This, he said, demonstrates the spirit of tenacity, dedication in saving lives.

During these years, he said, over 800,000 Sierra Leoneans have been diagnosed and treated with successful surgical operations on over 200,000 whilst some 5,500 local medical staff trained.

China, he said, was the first foreign nation that dispatched disease control and research experts into the country to help fight the deadly Ebola outbreak in 2014. The Chinese Ambassador furthered that China’s contribution continues up to date with the ongoing construction of a Biosafety Laboratory at Jui and the upgrading of the 34 Military Hospital, adding that the Chinese medical team and experts’ contribution, professionalism and ethics have been widely appreciated and acclaimed.